Mental Health Visits


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Mental Health Visits

At Los Angeles Primary Care, Sera Ramadan, D.O., and her dedicated team provide comprehensive mental health visits in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California. The practice understands the vital role mental health plays in overall well-being, providing empathetic, tailored care to each individual. Reach out to Los Angeles Primary Care to schedule an appointment or book your mental health visit online today.
Mental health visits at Los Angeles Primary Care are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Under the guidance of Dr. Ramadan and Dr. Liu, the team ensures these visits are a safe, non-judgmental space for patients to discuss their concerns. The team may assess symptoms, mental health history, family history, lifestyle factors, and other relevant health information. Once your comprehensive assessment is complete, your provider will work with you and the compassionate team to identify solutions that can support your mental health journey.

  • Why are mental health visits important?

    Mental health significantly impacts every aspect of life, including physical well-being, relationships, and productivity. For this reason, it’s important to prioritize your mental health care to ensure health in all other aspects of life.
    Regular mental health visits with Los Angeles Primary Care can help identify and manage conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, and more. These visits can also offer preventive care, helping individuals develop coping strategies and resilience.
    Please keep in mind all new controlled prescriptions for psychiatric medications require a physician consultation, and review of records from previously prescribing psychiatrist or physician. All refills of controlled substances including but not limited to Ativan and adderall, require either an in person or tele health follow up visit in order to obtain prescription. We do not refill more than a 30 day supply at a time.

  • What treatment options are available?

    Based on the individual’s specific needs, Los Angeles Primary Care offers a range of treatment options, including therapy referrals, lifestyle recommendations, and medication management.
    Dr. Ramadan and her team strive to provide a comprehensive, integrative approach to mental health care. This includes recommendations for lifestyle modifications, medications, and referrals to other professionals if needed.

  • Can anyone schedule a mental health visit?

    Yes, mental health care is an essential part of overall health, and anyone can schedule a mental health visit at Los Angeles Primary Care. Whether you're managing a long-term mental health condition or experiencing recent stressors, Dr. Ramadan and her team are ready to provide the support and care you need.
    Maintain your mental well-being by taking the important step of scheduling a mental health visit with Los Angeles Primary Care. Reach out to Dr. Ramadan and her team in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California, today, or conveniently book your visit online.

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